Golf Lessons for Kids in Kissimmee

Lots of junior golf programs are really just adult packages watered down for kids. But you won’t find that here. At Stonegate, we understand that kids need to learn at their own pace and in their own way. Over the years we’ve learned that the best way to instill a lifelong passion for the game of golf is to start kids out on the right foot with some expert instruction.

Junior Lessons from Seasoned Golf Instructors Who Love Teaching

When we hire golf pros, we aren’t just looking for a winning track record out on the course. We look for coaches who can inspire their students with their passion for the sport. That’s especially important when it comes to teaching juniors.

Golf Taught in a Supportive, Kid-Friendly Environment

Kids love golf when it’s presented in a supportive environment where they can learn without pressure. There should be no fear of failure, and they should be allowed to develop their confidence early on…before they feel the natural pressure of competing against friends in actual games.

Instructors Who Know Kids

The instructors at Stonegate Golf Club know how to focus on fun while teaching kids the basics of the sport. Whether they’re instructing a group of total newcomers to golf or they’re preparing our future champions for a junior tournament, they understand what drives kids.

Juniors learn together in group classes or they may enroll for private instruction. Either way, they’re benefitting from what we believe is the best in the business when it comes to junior golf instruction.

Come see for yourself, and talk to a golf coach here at Stonegate Golf Club. Call (863) 427-7150 or you could even stop by when you’re in Kissimmee. We’re on Village Drive and welcome your inquiries at any time!

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