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7 Fun Family Golf Games on the Course

There's nothing better than some good, old fashioned family time. With most of us having such busy lives, it can be hard to spend some quality time with the whole family. One of the best ways to do this is by getting out onto the golf course and having some fun. Getting out in the open and having a friendly, competitive game of golf is a great way to bond with each other. Golf also has a lot of great health benefits so you'll be getting a great boost. But not everyone is going to have the same skills out on the course, so what do you do to make it fair? Don't worry, here we've put together a few fun golf games on the course for the whole family to enjoy, so read on.

1. Bingo Bango Bongo

Whether you have an odd or even number of people in the family, Bingo Bango Bongo is the perfect game. It's super easy to play and everyone can enjoy playing. Here, players get 3 points for each hole that gets a bingo, bango or a bongo. Let's explain what these are. A Bingo is given to the first player to get their ball onto the green. Whichever player is the furthest from the green will take the first shot, then the next and so on. Once everyone gets their ball onto the green, a Bango goes to the player whose ball is closest to the pin. Then, the player who gets their ball in the hole first gets a Bongo.

2. Wolf

To play Wolf, it's best to have 4 players. There are no teams, and everyone plays for themselves. The aim is simple - get the most points by the end of the round. The 'Wolf' player is the one who tees off last. This order of play will rotate on every hole so that after 4 holes, everyone has had the chance to be the wolf. When each player has teed off, the Wolf will then decide if they want to take on any of the players for their own team. If they don't they become a Lone Wolf, and their goal is to beat the other players by getting the lowest score by the end.

3. Flaps

Flaps is a fun game that everyone can play, and kids will love it since they get to shout as they play! When teeing off from the green, the player can shout out "FLAP" before it lands. Once they do, they need to get it in the hole within their next shot to win. If they don't make the shot, they lose the hole. Another fun part is when they shout FLAP, the other can shout "DOUBLE" before the ball lands and double the win or loss.

4. Ghost

Ghost is a fun game that all ages can enjoy. This game needs 3 players and one imaginary player who is the 'ghost'. For each hole, one player must play in a team with the ghost, who pars every hole. The ghost will play to a scratch handicap. The game works well when the player with the highest handicap plays with the ghost. To keep things fun and fresh, switch the teams around and let everyone play with the ghost. It's fun and it helps everyone with their golf skills a little more.

5. Six Six Six

This game is most enjoyable when played with a group of four. Here, you rotate players every 6 holes. By the time you get to 18 holes, everyone has had a chance to partner up with each other. Score your games in sixes and each new set of sixes is a separate game. This is a great game as when all scores are added, everyone gets the chance to win. You may lose your first game, but could win or at least do much better in the other rounds.

6. Stringball

Stringball is the perfect game to play for the bad losers in your family. Instead of playing to a handicap, each player is given a foot of string for each shot of handicap. You move the ball by measuring the distance of each shot and cut the amount from your piece of string. It gives everyone a better chance and it's a more creative way to play. It can also save you from a penalty when your ball goes out of bounds. All you need to do is bring some string and scissors!

7. Rabbit

This is another fun and creative game for the whole family to enjoy. The first player to have the lowest score on a hole will capture the Rabbit. When it gets to the next hole and another player gets the lowest score, the Rabbit will go free. The next player to get the lowest score after that will catch the Rabbit, and so on. By the end of the game, whoever has the Rabbit will win. If there are any ties, nobody will get the Rabbit and you will have to play till there is one winner. It's a competitive but fun game that is sure to be a hit with the family.

Your Family Will Love These Fun Golf Games on the Course

Playing golf with the family is a great way to bond with each other and help improve everyone's skills. Whether you want them to improve their grip or lower their handicap, these are great ways to do it. Make sure you try out these fun golf games on the course and you won't regret it. Looking for a golf course to take the family? Schedule a tee time for the family and enjoy the day.